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We serve as your in-house, integrated HR department, with a team of experts specializing in all aspects of human capital management

It is both an art and a science to manage and develop human capital, since people are the most important resource your company has.

GoLAN Consulting, your strategic HR Business partner, will hire and maintain your workforce in the US, from successful onboarding to effective policies, regulatory compliance to detailed compensation studies, benefits and payroll administration to global strategic HR, all in line with your vision and business strategy.

The Benefits of


GoLAN Consulting, as your HR Business Partner, utilizes advanced PEO (professional employer organization) platforms to upgrade your level of service. Processes are streamed-lined, corporate level programs are accessible and everything is configured for maximum cost-efficiency. We work in synergy with PEOs to deliver the advantages of a large corporate platform while preserving your start-up culture.

Medical, Dental, Vision100%
Life insurance & disability 100%
Offer letters & hiring100%
Company Handbook & policies100%
Relocation & Commissions100%
Expense policies100%
PTO managment100%
US regulatory compliance100%

We are experts at navigating the advanced and comprehensive PEO platforms, which serves as an HR Information System.
It's not just payroll and benefits management: It's an entire HR Solution tailored to your team.



If you are already with a PEO, and you have defined a Benefits Investment Strategy, you may need an audit for the following reasons:

  • It is time for renewal (Benefits plans are only valid for one year) and prices may have changed
  • Your employees are complaining that their benefits are not sufficient
  • The Benefits Model initially defined during the first BIS is not sufficiently comprehensive and does not cover specific types of employees

Startups need the expertise of highly-qualified HR professionals to develop a strategy aligned with the business goals of the founders, and implement it with the proper HR infrastructure.
From onboarding to Benefits Investment Strategy GoLAN Consulting is developing the right HR infrastructure, establshing proper policies and processes, and ensuring compliance; allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Enjoy the benefits of having your own US HR Department, working in sysnergy with the largest US PEOs, with none of the overhead.

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