Category Task GoLAN Accountant Either can do
1. Hiring Compliant offer letter and correspondence with the candidate v    
  Writing a detailed commission plan v    
  Creating the emplyee profile on the TriNet portal v    
  I-9 verification v    
  Employee welcome letter v    
  Employee Records keeping v    
2. Payroll entries Entering expenses into TriNet     v
  Entering commissions and bonuses into TriNet     v
  Determining legal reimbursements and entering re-occuring payroll items     v
  Issuing payroll reports, TriNet invoices and registers for Journal entries   v  
  Making employment changes of any sort - location, department, rate of pay, etc v    
  Managing the PTO, vacation, sick days, leaves in a state-compliant manner v    
  Hourly employees - payroll entry and time-management v    
3. Policies Travel and expense policy v    
  Handbook v    
4. Separations Corresponding with the manager and employee regarding terminations v    
  Processing the last payroll, with appropriate PTOs and any additional pay per local laws v    
5. Others All day to day employee relations and HR-related questions, such as compensation and benefits, etc v    
  Dispute resolution, termination plans and severance agreements v    
  All accounting and bookkeeping issues including journal entries   v  
  All taxation questions - including those related to payroll   v