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Helping support growth-oriented, productive and profitable organizations

Since 2003, GoLAN Consulting has been the strategic HR Business partner providing comprehensive support to growing and successful start-up teams in the US.

GoLAN Consulting serves as an in-house HR department, providing the structure and support needed in acquiring and maintaining exceptional human capital. We’ll navigate local regulations and HR compliance so that you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

We serve as your in-house, yet outsourced, HR department, providing you with the knowledge and support you need - without the overhead.


Payroll, Benefits and HR Compliance For Your Business

You want to provide the best support to your US team, and giving them access to a complete HR department, answering their concerns and needs, without having to hire high-costs experts at the very first stages of growth, is the way to go as you grow. We take the time to understand your business and your strategic objectives. We customize our services to your company’s life stage to promote growth. Contact us to setup an intro call.

Managed Employees
Relocated Executives

"Focus on Your Business
While We Focus on Your People"


We serve as your in-house, integrated HR department, with a team of experts specializing in all aspects of human capital management

It is both an art and a science to manage and develop human capital, since people are the most important resource your company has.

GoLAN Consulting, your strategic HR Business partner, will hire and maintain your workforce in the US, from successful onboarding to effective policies, regulatory compliance to detailed compensation studies, benefits and payroll administration to global strategic HR, all in line with your vision and business strategy.

Extremely knowledgeable, diligent, and incredibly dedicated. They have been a very valuable resource in building and maintaining our US team.

Limor Shiposh

CEO, Applied Spectral Imaging

GoLAN Consulting built our NYC team and implemented all HR processes in accordance with local laws and regulations. They saved us a lot of time and money.

Adi Vaxman

COO, GetTaxi USA

Impressed by their dedication and professionalism. I recommend them to any company building a team in the US

Doron Meirom

President, EasyRun, Inc.

I found Val to be a true professional. Her diligence, sound advice and vast knowledge made her a valuable resource

Neomi Farkas

Global HR Manager, Taboola

True partners, really caring about their clients and going beyond the call of duty.

Alon Michaeli

CEO, SocialClicks

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